Executive insights

Soonta is ready to be a top national Vietnamese QSR

Group chairman Max Xie shares details regarding the brand’s current growth path in his first interview with QSR Media.

Soonta is ready to be a top national Vietnamese QSR

Group chairman Max Xie shares details regarding the brand’s current growth path in his first interview with QSR Media.

Chains urged to improve buying discipline to tackle rising costs

Those who do so will be in the strongest position to keep their price increase to the minimum over the next few months, Lynx Purchasing suggested.

Banjo’s is banking on its drive-thru arsenal to reignite interstate growth

CEO and managing director Jessica Saxby talks about the brand’s surging digital sales and how exactly they are avoiding the “Great Resignation”.

Non-fuel retail growth to continue despite short-term petrol price hikes: analyst

Drive–through retail has exploded in demand during COVID, LeaseInfo executive director Simon Fonteyn said.

Amidst industry’s growing reliance on digital, Royal Stacks seeks to incentivise customers to return to stores

Founder Dani Zeini expounds on a potential return for the brand in China, their unique delivery strategy and approach to store design.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses wants to rely less on shopping centre locations

Chief executive Steve Plarre expounds on their initial drive-thru strategy, the chain’s “future-focused” brand refresh and why he is for flexible work...

Vying for record expansion, Oporto says they are building a “portfolio for the future”

CEO Samantha Bragg shares her take on how to make the brand even more accessible, and where she believes lies the next area of competition for the...

Subway supply chain partner urges businesses to focus on risk management strategies, ability to be flexible

IPC Asia Pacific plans to continue securing shorter supply chain routes from existing and alternate suppliers.

Amidst the industry’s push for repeat transactions, Soul Origin wants to make a leap in customer loyalty to help drive future initiatives

Making a leap with loyalty will also help Soul Origin explore opportunities to get a bigger bite of “shoulder” dayparts, COO Adam Neill said.

Potential acquisitions on the menu for Burgertory as it looks to mark its territory in the country’s burgeoning burger scene

Burgertory, currently with 18 company-owned and operated restaurants, will be starting its franchise arm over the next 12 months.

Schnitz turns to tiered pricing to combat cost pressures, reach valuable Gen Z

In his first interview with QSR Media, CEO Brenton Howie details the chain’s customer satisfaction play and why he believes in “doing the basics well...

‘Restaurant precincts with significant appeal’: How Burrito Bar is forging its path to become a multi-brand franchisor

CEO Shaun Butcher details how the company found success in its early adoption of virtual brands and how it is informing its approach to growth.

The global supply chain crisis caused widespread disruption for the entire industry. Now KFC is setting up for future growth by reimagining operations

Australia managing director Richard Wallis explains why he believes technology is “becoming the new operations.”

Offering value amidst cost pressures, according to Hungry Jack’s CEO

Chris Green also expounds on the brand’s digital focus, the potential of targeting upselling and their new compensation model for managers.

Get to know Natalie Sharpe, Head of Product of Oliver’s

Sharpe teased a big year for the brand in terms of menu development.

Cost pressures to cap growth, Greggs CEO says

Roger Whiteside expects cost inflation of 6% to 7% for 2022.