Payments 101: How to select the right provider for your business

The rise of online shopping has seen businesses across all sectors change the way their customers engage with them. The past two years in particular have witnessed extraordinary transformation, with retailers forced to dramatically improve their existing eCommerce capabilities due to the pandemic.

How much time and money are you spending resolving workplace disputes?

A recent study from the UK estimates employers are spending over $50 billion every year on workplace disputes. And, according to internationally renowned mediator and conflict specialist Jane Gunn, this doesn’t cover the costs incurred dealing with lost leadership time, sick days taken, loss of talent through resignations and the effect on work culture. And understandably, as these are almost impossible to quantify but they have real impacts on business performance.

Jon Smith Subs flagship store closes

(Editor’s Note: The commentary piece has been lightly edited for clarity. Reposted with permission. Link to original post here.)

Three tips to future proof your QSR business through customer engagement

In a fiercely competitive market, customer engagement has always been a huge differentiator for quick-service restaurants (QSRs).