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The best way to contact us is through email.

For editorial, please send all releases to [email protected].

We have a number of different news editors who look at all incoming emails which we filter by company and topic to ensure they go to the right person.

Please note the following to ensure your email is read by the right person: For invitations to events or interview opportunities, please put the word "Invitation" in your subject line. This will ensure it goes to our assignments editor.

We would love to be able to respond to each email personally but unfortunately we just can't get to them all, and we request that you do not call to check if we received an email. But rest assured that every email is read and if the story is good, it will find its way onto the website.

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For advertising, please email [email protected].
More information on advertising on the QSR Media
website can be found here.

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For webinars and virtual conferences, get in touch with us via
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